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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Let us get you off your hands knees with a new, powerful, fast and safe, tile and grout cleaning process. Using some of the best chemicals on the market and our high-pressure, hot water rinse, we can clean all your tile and grout surfaces. You can see great results anywhere in your home: bathroom floors, showers and tubs, kitchen floors, entryways, tiled halls, sunrooms, countertops, and more. We recommend getting your grout sealed after it has been cleaned. This provides extra protection on your grout that will make it resistant to spills, stains, and keeping the grout and the surface looking clean longer. We provide grout srubbing at no charge for all jobs, most companies charge extra for this process. We do it because it makes your tile and grout much cleaner. ***see below

Bathroom Tile and Grout Cleaning

Whether it's tile and grout on walls, shower tiles, or tile floors, bathroom tile and grout is considered one of the toughest tiles on earth to clean, especially if it is not cleaned on a regular basis. Build up from shampoos, soap and dirt tend to stick like glue to tiled surfaces. Because tiles are typically used in spaces that are steamy, wet or moist the majority of the time, mold and mildew are also a common problem. Our technicians can get rid of most of these problems. If tile and grout cleaning is done on a regular basis, basic household cleaners, along with a brush or sponge and hot water will do. But for heavy-duty tile and grout cleaning, it may take our industrial strength cleaner and our specially designed tile cleaning system to get it looking new again.

Floor Tile and Grout Cleaning

Nothing shows off a room more than beautifully cleaned tile and grout. Keeping your flooring looking nice takes a lot of hard work. Who has the time to clean your tile and grout every week? Our tile cleaning machines works great on any kind of tile, ceramic, porcelain, stone and other hard surfaces.

How Tile and Grout Cleaning Works

Some people call our tile and grout cleaning system a "steam cleaning system". Actually steam cleaning tile and grout isn't based on steam, but rather a continuous blast of high water pressure to the surface. The continuous stream of hot water loosens the dirt, film, and mildew and allows the tiled surface to be wiped clean after blasting. Steam cleaning tile is gentle enough to be considered safe for the majority of tiled surfaces, but powerful enough to remove dirt and film from tough to clean spaces such as cracks and molding. Overall, steam cleaning tile provides a sparkling finish.

Taking care of your tile floors

Proper care of your floor prevents damage, extends its life and keeps it looking new for years. If you enjoy going barefoot or even if you don't, take your shoes off at the door. Guess what's on the bottom of your shoes? Sand and dirt which grinds away at the surface of your floor causing it to get worn down and casues it to attract dirt.

Take a closer look at the bottoms of your shoes and you'll find oil, dirt and grease. thats why your floors refuse to come clean. Do you wear slippers or socks inside. The oil from the bottom of your feet will also dirty up the surface.

Always seal grout lines after you steam clean your tile to protect it and make get the most life from your flooring.

***All grout is not the same so results may vary depending on how the grout was taken care of in the first place. Grout is a pouris material that soaks up stuff from dirt to spills. If your grout was not sealed when it was first put down it is possible that your grout has soaked up particles that you have brought in from outside the home or have spilled on it. So it is possible that the grout wont be the same as when it was first put down but it will get a lot cleaner. Companies that promise to get grout back to new cannot garantee that unless they regrout your floor or paint over it. It is possible to get back to looking new or close to it if you have had your grout sealed after it has been cleaned or laid down and you didnt damage the sealer do to harsh chemicals. Please call us if you have any questions.

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